Snow Day

Yea, we don't get too many snow days in So Cal. But last week I went with my wife's elementary school to the local mountains to play in the snow and go tubing. We had a great time and some fabulous weather.

As you can imagine the kids had great fun tubing down the hill. There was a flat spot at the bottom of the hill to slow down and then a fence at the end. There was snow piled up at the fence so errant tubers wouldn't plow into the fence too hard. Of course some kids thought it was fun to go flying down in to the snow bank and bounce around. Ah, the joys of being young and indestructible.

On the fence every couple of feet was a sign that made me chuckle.
I'm sure that sign is there for insurance reasons. But really, do we need to be told not to run head first into a fence? Did someone plow into the fence, pre-signs, and sue. I can hear the lawsuit, "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to run head first into a fence. No one told me that." Doh!

It seems like we've raised a generation of people with absolutely no common sense at all. I guess that bothers me. It seems like we should be doing a better job than that. If you've got kids, do what you can to make sure they develop some amount of common sense. It will benefit the entire world.


Jeff said...

The "Don't Hit Fence" sign is funny. It reminds me of the packets of peanuts like those that have been given out on airplanes that say on them, "Caution! May contain nuts!"

Or milk chocolate bars that say "Contains Milk."

Well, DUH!!

I'm also reminded of the time, many years ago, when I was a Youth Counselor at a Summer Youth Ranch. I took my group of about fifteen or twenty 1st and 2nd grade boys out for a hike one day, and when we got back, one boy's hand was covered in blood. I asked him what had happened, and he showed me a razor blade he had found and picked up. I asked him how he got cut by it so badly, and his reply was, "I wanted to see if it was sharp." That's about the same level of common sense (rather, lack of it) that those signs demonstrate.

Bill A said...

That razor blade story is amazing. Yet I can see a little boy doing exactly that. My wife teaches elementary school and comes home with stories like this fairly frequently.

Kimmi said...

haha that was a fun day and i saw the fence sign too i was like "haha wooww" i've seen other funny/stupid signs like "road wet when raining" XD