Holiday Shopping Idea

Yea, I know. For most of us, it's way too early to think about Christmas and what you are going to buy for everyone. But some of you are bound to be getting started early – this is for you.

Do you wonder what to get for that guy who has everything? He loves the gadgets and toys, but he has them all. I’m betting he doesn’t have this – the iRobot® Looj Robot Gutter Cleaning Robot. Yup, that’s right. A robot to clean your gutters. Here's a video of the Looj in action.

What could be cooler than that for the guy who has everything?


Unbelievable Guitar Wizard!

The legendary blues guitar hero, Buddy Guy, invites 8 year old guitar whiz, Quinn Sullivan, on stage for an impromptu jam.

After viewing that, I may never play guitar again. That kid is that good.


Guys you might meet...

My friend Ray sent me this video of the 11 guys you might meet at a pickup basketball game. I think I know some of these guys!

11 Guys At The Playground - Watch more free videos


New Family Member

This is Kaylee (click on the picture to view a larger pic). She's a Jenday Conure. She's still a baby, her birthday is June 1, 2007. She's quite friendly and seemed to be content with her new home.

We also have Sunshine, a.k.a. Scrappy, a Cockatiel. I think owning a full blown parrot is going to be a bit different than owning a cockatiel. But this should be fun.

Any bird owners out there with some tips for me?



We woke up this morning to find this little guy (gal?) swimming in our pool. Not sure how long he had been in there, but he was looking pretty tired. It was obvious he wanted out. It was also obvious he wasn't too thrilled with me. He kept hissing at me. But pretty quickly I figured out he was all bark and no bite. He was too tired and too desperate to complain too much. He needed my help, but he wasn't sure he really wanted my help. As soon as I picked him up and he realized he was safe, he was pretty happy. In fact, I had to struggle to get him out of my hand. He was wet, tired, shaking and worn out. I think the warmth and safety of my hand were reassuring to him.

It made me think of our relationship with God. It's so easy for Him to rescue us. But we aren't sure we want His help, yet how badly we need it. Once we allow Him to help us out, we realize how reassuring His presence is. We realize how much we actually need His assistance.

Tired of swimming all the time and trying to do everything yourself? What's stopping you from allowing God to give you hand?


Best Shadow Puppets Ever!

I was always horrible at shadow puppets. This takes it to a new all time high!