Rough Day So Far...

I got called in for Jury Duty on my Friday off.... Bummer.
I got rear-ended by someone on the way to court this morning.... Double Bummer.
I haven't gotten put onto a jury yet.... Well, that's one good thing.

Update: I managed to escape without getting on a jury. Now to get some estimates on getting my truck fixed. At least the damage is not too bad.


Funny Marketing

My son turned 16 a few days ago. He got the usual barrage of cards from family and friends. Most had some money in them to help him celebrate his big day. One card was different. It was from the Car-Freshner Corporation (yes, they spell their name wrong). You know the guys who make those little pine tree car freshener thingies. They actually sent him a Car-Freshner for his 16th birthday!
That is just classically funny.



I seriously hope everyone is registered to vote and planning to vote this year. It's important. I honestly believe that.

If you haven't decided on who to vote for, maybe this will help you decide.

click here


Fun Friday Video

I'm not quite that bad.... yet...


Back Up Plan

Do you have a back up plan? You might need one.