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Microsoft has some technology called PhotoSynth. It allows you to pull many pictures together and experience the subject of those photos in a new way. Very cool. Watch the video and then try the demo.

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Slice and Dice Those Bugs

The good folks over at lifehacker suggest that you could keep a razor blade in your glove box to clean the bugs off your windshield. Hmmmm.... interesting.

I don't know about you, but there's no way I am going to go fumbling through my glove box looking for a razor blade. That's a great way to slice open your fingers. I can see the next traffic stop now.
Officer: Can I see your registration.
Me: (looking at the the glove box in fear) ummmmmm, nnnoooooooo?
Officer: (Suspiciously) You don't have one?
Me: (quickly) Oh I have one, you just can't see it.
Officer: (Incredulously) Why not?
Me: I hate bugs on my windshield.
Officer: What??????
Yup, pretty sure that ends badly - for me.

Secondly, there's no way I could possibly reach half way across the windshield of my Ridgeline to clean the windshield. I need that long handle on the squeegee to reach. Even with the squeegee, I can just barely reach the middle.

Thirdly, I'd probably get busted for having some type of concealed weapon. Will they let you park at the airport with such a devastating weapon? LOL.

Think I'll just use the squeegee. Seems better all around.

A laugh on Friday

We all need a good laugh now and again. I got really tickled at how the news guys started laughing at this video. Enjoy.


Funniest Hockey Brawl EVER

This is the funniest Hockey Brawl ever! Probably because they can barely stand on their skates to begin with. If this is what Pee Wee Hockey is like, I have to find a league around here a go and watch.

Pee Wee Hockey Brawl - Watch more free videos

I can't help but think of the Monte Phyton line "Run Away!" when watching this.


Recognizing Beauty

A recent article in the Washington Post describes a fascinating experiment: what would happen if the world’s greatest violin player set up camp at a Metro station in rush-hour Washington D.C.? Master musician Joshua Bell played anonymously for an hour on a $3.5 million violin in a D.C. subway station as part of an experiment to see how commuters would respond. Would busy commuters notice him? Dismiss him, toss him some spare change, gather to listen? Would anybody even notice that they were being treated to masterful renditions of some of the finest music in human history?

I wonder if I would have noticed? I'm not a classical music fan, but I try to notice craftsmanship when I see it - and Joshua Bell is certainly a craftsman.

I know we are busy on the way to work or our appointments for the day. But can we manage to take just a moment and recognize beauty and still be on time?

That's worth pondering about...

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Cool Quote...

I love basketball. I could go on and on about all the great things about basketball, but I'll save that for another day. But I saw this quote and because of the basketball analogy it made me stop and think...

"...it seems that God doesn't care about our short lists. He consistently taps the rejects. It's as if he were the captain of a pick-up basketball team, and he picks all the short heavy kids, just to prove that he can beat the other team all by himself. But then he manages to win the game as a team, just to prove he's not a ball-hog." Ryan Wiksell - The Core

I love that imagery. God picks us! The rejects. The people who couldn't win on their own. And then uses those same people to build a winning team.

Are you willing to let God pick you?


Vintage Footage of Indian Motorcycles

Board track racing was popular in the early 1900's. Many accidents and fatalities (to spectators as well as the racers) made this sport short lived. This video is 10 minutes of silent film footage of some motorcycle races of that era. This is the best footage I have EVER seen from this time period.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Here's the link to the same video


Cheap Gas or Not?

Have you ever wondered whether you should put that 'cheap gas' into your expensive, pride and joy? I know you have. There are the good gas stations with the big name, the shiny building, and the clean floors. Then there are the other places. Not so nice, not so clean, but the gas is noticeably cheaper. Is it the same quality or not? That's the question. I mean, you get what you pay for, right?

I've had this conversation with various people through the years, usually about the time gas hits a new record high in price. I've noticed that motorheads, mechanics and people who are really into their vehicles, NEVER use the cheap gas. They always buy their gas from one of the big companies. People who aren't as obsessive about their cars, or they have an old beater they bang around in, don't seem to care as much and they buy the cheapest gas possible. Yet, both groups are convinced the other ones are crazy and their own method is far superior.

Last night I think I saw what would end this discussion for me... I had to stop and put gas in my bike. There's a Mobile station on my way home I usually use. The quick pay pass key is nice. It's convenient. The price is usually pretty good (not the absolute lowest, but cheaper than some). I'm filling up my bike when a tow truck pulls in to get gas. No biggie. But then I notice it's the Am Pm gas truck. Yea, the one from the Am Pm gas station. The guy is wearing the Am Pm uniform. He's got the Am Pm logo on the side of his truck. Put he doesn't put Am Pm gas in his truck, but Mobile gas. It's a good thing I had my helmet on and he couldn't see me laughing.

For the record, I have NEVER put Am Pm gas in my car. I'm convinced it's some of the worst stuff ever. I've had co-workers who had issues with the gas. I've got friends on motorcycle boards who swear it's caused them problems. I've got mechanic friends that won't even look at Am Pm gas stations. So I stay away. And obviously the Am Pm tow truck operator feels the same way.

That's some thing to ponder next time you need to fill up.

So what gas do you use? Am Pm? Mobile? Something else? What ever is cheapest?


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Perfection in the Morning Commute

It's early in the morning. Very early. It's just beginning to get light outside. It is that in between time when it’s no longer night, but not yet day.

I step into the garage and push the button for the garage door. I’m annoyed by how the noise of the old garage door opener destroys the stillness of the morning. There’s no music or rhythm to the clatter – it’s just noise.

I began to put on my gear. I’ve done it so many times, it’s simply habit. My hands quickly perform their task, almost with no instruction from my brain. I don my jacket. The snug, comfortable fit is familiar, almost like an old friend. The body armor slides perfectly into place. The act of zipping the jacket and fastening the Velcro around my neck and wrists is so natural, so automatic; I don’t even have to think about it. I pick up my helmet and a quick tug of the straps pulls it on my head. The quick lock strap snaps firmly into place. I pick up my gloves and pull them on. The fit is snug but comfortable. More Velcro straps hold them firmly in place.

I swing my leg over the bike and settle into the seat. Over time the foam of the seat is worn to just the right shape. Comfortable. Familiar. Just right. My hands find their way to the grips. A quick glance shows that the mirrors are perfectly adjusted. A little choke. A quarter blip of the throttle. The key is turned to the on position and my thumb hits the starter. Instantly the bike rumbles to life. The deep sound of the exhaust is sweet. The rhythm of the 4 cylinders… The burble of the exhaust… The mechanical noise of the engine… The slight vibration in the handle bars… All of these individual pieces come together to form a symphony of rhythm and sound. The song is well known by my ears. But like an old favorite that never gets tired, it still brings a smile to lips and it lightens my heart.

I roll the bike backwards down the driveway. Close the garage door. Pull in the clutch and gently push down on the shift lever. The bike drops into first gear. I gently ease out the clutch and slowly roll out of the neighborhood. The cool morning air is refreshing. I gather speed as I make my way to the freeway. I roll up the on-ramp and the bike effortlessly goes around the corner. Up on to the freeway, I readily find a spot to merge. It’s pretty easy at this time of day, not too many cars – yet.

The bike moves with just a thought. Accelerating. Changing lanes. Braking. Merging. It all seems to happen so smoothly, so effortlessly. It is as if the rider and machine are one. I’m focused on the traffic. No radio. No cell phone. Just man, machine and the music they create together. It’s as close to perfection as I can imagine. It’s that feeling. It’s that state of oneness. It’s that state of perfection… that’s why I ride.

Today's ride is simply to work. I'm not fortunate enough to enjoy a ride to the mountians on this day. But even a simple ride to work, can make an otherwise mundane workday perfect.

Happy Independence Day!

God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood.