Slice and Dice Those Bugs

The good folks over at lifehacker suggest that you could keep a razor blade in your glove box to clean the bugs off your windshield. Hmmmm.... interesting.

I don't know about you, but there's no way I am going to go fumbling through my glove box looking for a razor blade. That's a great way to slice open your fingers. I can see the next traffic stop now.
Officer: Can I see your registration.
Me: (looking at the the glove box in fear) ummmmmm, nnnoooooooo?
Officer: (Suspiciously) You don't have one?
Me: (quickly) Oh I have one, you just can't see it.
Officer: (Incredulously) Why not?
Me: I hate bugs on my windshield.
Officer: What??????
Yup, pretty sure that ends badly - for me.

Secondly, there's no way I could possibly reach half way across the windshield of my Ridgeline to clean the windshield. I need that long handle on the squeegee to reach. Even with the squeegee, I can just barely reach the middle.

Thirdly, I'd probably get busted for having some type of concealed weapon. Will they let you park at the airport with such a devastating weapon? LOL.

Think I'll just use the squeegee. Seems better all around.

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