3 Reasons Why Friday is the Best Day of the Week

I love Fridays. That's not unusual. Nearly everyone who works in an office all week long loves Friday. It's the end of the work week. The beginning of the weekend. Time for some R and R. T.G.I.F. We all know the drill about Fridays. 

I certainly like those things about Fridays too. But that's not the real reason I love Friday. I really love Friday because on nearly every Friday night of the year, I get together with 8 of my friends for band practice. Yup, that's right, I absolutely love band practice. Weird, huh? This particular band practice is for the worship team at our church on Saturday mornings. Even when the week has been long and tiring, I look forward to band practice.  It's rejuvenating. It's fun. It restores me. It's hard to describe why all these things are true. It's many, many reasons and factors, but I'll keep it to just 3 for now.

1. I love music. I always have and suspect I always will. Music is unique in the way it works within us. Words and logic are useful in expressing ideas. Pictures are worth a thousand words. But music trumps them all. It has the ability make us feel. Music has the unique ability to lift my spirits without all the side effects of caffeine or an energy drink. I could go on and on about why I love music and all its endearing qualities. So I guess I'll just leave it at, I really love music. Getting together on Friday evening with my friends to make some music is one of the highlights of the week. Sometimes I enjoy practice more than playing at church. At practice there's no pressure and we have a lot of fun. We try different things, mess around. It's great. Playing for the worship service is wonderful, but it's more structured, and not quite as freeing as just playing at practice.

2. I love my band mates. Seriously. The folks in our praise band at church are great people. I like spending time with them. It's fun. It's uplifting. We don't have a lot of problems with attitudes or whatever. If you've ever been in a small group and you've enjoyed the fellowship, then you know what I'm talking about. Some of the people in the group I've known for many years and some of the people I've only known a few years. Yet, we all get along like we've been friends for decades. I look forward to spending time with these people. It makes ministry fun when you are serving with people you like.

3. I love God. That's easy to say, or put on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. But sometimes it's pretty hard to figure out what we are supposed to do to show that we love God. We try all kinds of things, like good works, Bible reading, study time, prayer, the list is long of things we try to do to show our love. These things can be good and worthy. But for me, music is such a simple way to show how much I love God. I sing his praise. Not only do I sing, but I encourage others to sing it too.  Music helps open our hearts to God. It prepares us as we enter into his presence. Yes, all the parts of a worship service are important. The Bible readings, the prayers, the sermon, the giving, it all works together. But I just can't imagine a worship being effective without music. I know it wouldn't work for me. Music begins and ends the service. It's the bookends that hold the whole thing together.

Do you look forward to the time when you are serving in your ministry? If not, why not? Do you love what you're doing for God? Do you love the people you are serving with?  If the answer is no, how are you going to change that?

That's worth pondering about.


What a Coincidence

I tend to notice coincidences. Unique little quirky things that happen seem to get my attention. Patterns also jump out at me. I don't know why, they just do. I notice when numbers line up in a pattern. I notice when an unusual number of the same make of car are around me as I drive. There's a thousand and one little things that happen like that seem to be grabbing for my attention. The other thing I've noticed, is that most people don't notice these things, and really don't care when I point them out.

However the other day there was one that really kind of tickled me. I was driving in my truck, when I noticed two Cadillacs in front of me. Side by side, going down the street in front of me. They were the same model and roughly the same year. Certainly the same body style. That's the kind of little thing that I regularly notice, but that in itself was not the interesting part. One car was driven by an elderly gentleman and, what I presume to be his wife, was in the front with him. They were what I consider the typical Cadillac driver. They were nicely dressed. They sat up nice and straight in their seats. They almost looked regal, like they were going out somewhere. The other car was a completely different story. It contained 4 young men who looked like gang members, or at least wanna be's. They all slouched and leaned over as they were attempting to be cool. Their clothes consisted of white tank top t-shirts, and flannel shirts. Two of them had bandannas on their heads.

The occupants of these two very similar cars were about as different as they could be.  Opposite ends of the spectrum is how they might be described. I suspect they picked similar vehicles for very different reasons. Yet the same vehicle was meeting the needs of these very different groups. I wonder if Cadillac considers both groups when designing their cars? That seems unlikely.

In a small way, this reminds me of God. God is the same for everyone, yet some how he's able to meet the needs of some very diverse people and groups. He doesn't need to change for you or me or anyone. He's able to provide for all of us.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)
Are you willing to give him a try? I mean really try it. Let him help with some of the hard problems in life. That's worth pondering about...