Mess with Your Friends

Are you a practical joker? Do you like playing jokes on your friends? I mean the really good jokes. The ones they will talk about for years. Yea, I knew you were like that.

This might be the joke of all jokes. Imagine you are having a party and one of your friends needs to use the facilities. You politely tell them where the restroom is and begin to snicker as they walk away. Little do they know your bathroom has a hidden toilet. Yup, that's right - a hidden toilet. Imagine your friends frustration walking around your bathroom trying to find the toilet. [begin sarcasm] Imagine the hilarity that will ensue when they have to come back sheepishly and tell you they couldn't find the toilet. Oh yeah, you're the man. [end sarcasm]

Seriously, why would someone invent something like this? I might be able to undestand this if you lived in a one room house, but other than that - isn't the toilet hidden enough by being in a separate room? I for one say, "yea - that should be hidden enough." Furthermore, who wants to have to slide the veneer wood cover back and forth everytime you use the bathroom?

Just incase you really want one of these - see more pics here.

I wonder how many Christian's operate in a similar mode. They hide their Christianity and try to blend in. They only slide back the veneer and show what they are in dire circumstances. That can't be a good thing.

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