Seriously bummed out

I just went to go get a hair cut and learned that the guy who had been cutting my hair doesn't work there anymore. I know it's not the end of the world, but it took a long time to find someone who cut my hair the way I liked and now he's gone. Of course, no one who works there has any idea of all how to get a hold of him – right, like I believe that.

This guy had a really unorthodox style. The first time he cut my hair I was kind of worried. He did it so differently than anyone else who had cut my hair, I wasn't sure he knew what he was doing. Not only was his technique very unique, but he was fastidious. He was a neat freak – I like that. When I would get home there would be absolutely no hair on me from the hair cut. Not only that, but he was very reasonable - almost too inexpensive. Maybe that's why he's not there anymore. I do know this, I am going to miss our chats and his quality work.

When we are talking about hair cuts, the methodology the person cutting the hair uses doesn't really matter. It doesn't really matter if he starts on the right, the left, the front or the back. What matters is that my hair looks the way I want it to when he is finished. This isn't true of everything. Often times our methodology does matter. I think a neurosurgeon doing brain surgery would have a very precise methodology. An assembly line has to follow a detailed methodology to correctly assemble the product.

As Christians I think the methodology we use is of the utmost importance. It seems absurdly obvious, but I continually see churches and Christians using methodologies that just don't work or are deceptive in nature. Some mistakenly believe that the ends justify the means. We think it is ok to "trick" them into believing or to manipulate their emotions to get a response that indicates they accept Jesus. I can't find anything in my Bible that indicates this is ok. Speak plainly. Tell the truth. Pray. Tell your friends about a God who loves them very much and let God take care of the rest.

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