Big Files

Have you ever wanted to transfer a really large file between computers? I have. Many times the file is too large to email and then it is a pain in the neck. What would be great is a FTP server or other similar service - for free. It turns out, such things exist.

Here is a list of a couple of services you can try out. Several offer free accounts that limit file size or number of transfers - perfect for the person who only occasionally needs to transfer a large file.

www.dropsend.com - The free service will support up to 250MB and 5 transactions a month. They have business plans that support upto 250GB.
www.yousendit.com - The free service is limited to 100 megs maximum file size and it stays on their server for 7 days. The paid services range from $14.99 per month to $29.99 per month for 2 gig maximum file size.
www.dropload.com - 100MB limit for the free service.

Have fun sharing and moving those large files!

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