Expensive Mistake

Regular readers will know that they tore down the building next to my work place and they are building a 16 story condo. It's been great fun to watch them start the building process. People regularly stop by my office and we try to guess what the workers are doing.

The workers spent quite a bit of time digging huge holes and building the forms for the foundations. There are three different foundations. They look like they will be support for the main pillars in the new building. Each foundation looks like it's about 6 to 8 feet thick and full of rebar. They are quite impressively built.

Yesterday, the big jackhammer that they used to demo the old building showed up and they started breaking up one of the new foundations. I don't know what is wrong with it, but something obviously is.

Seems like a pretty expensive mistake to me. I wonder if the price of the condos just went up?


Brett said...

Post a picture

Bill A said...

I'll try. It's a bit difficult because we can't have camera's in my work area.

Sensitive data and all that...