Expensive Mistake - Part II

My brother asked for some pics of the construction going on. My window at work has a great view of what’s happening, but we can’t have cameras in the workplace. So today I took the truck (instead of the motorcycle) to work so I could leave the camera in the truck. I took some pics from the top of our 7 story parking structure. Not the best vantage point, but it will have to do. I hope you appreciate the effort of me leaving the motorcycle home to take the truck for this – that was quite a sacrifice on my part. Just pointing that out...

Click on the pics to view them larger.

This first pic is from the most recently finished foundation. They are packing the dirt back around the cement. This piece of cement is probably about 5 or 6 feet thick and fairly good sized as you can see from the equipment and the person in the pic.

This is the first foundation and they have started building the pillars that will support the building.

This is the foundation that they poured, packed the dirt around and then determined it was not correct. This is, or was, a large piece of cement, as you can tell from the equipment.

Here is a close up of one of the workers so you can get some idea of the scale of this.

I’m glad I’m not paying for this goof up. Yea, we all make them, but this one is a hum-dinger.

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