It's too quiet

For the first time since they blew up the building next to my work on August 6 (see previous posts here and here), it's quiet outside my window. No big machinery, no backup beepers, no sound of crushing cement, no sound of buckets full of debris going into dump trucks, no nothing. It is just quiet. All that’s left is a dirt lot, the porta-potties, a few pieces of machinery (that I imagine the construction crew will use) and the trailer for the office.

Construction should start soon and the noise will be back. I suspect it will take them much longer to build the new building than it did to destroy the old one.

Life is like that isn’t it? A short moment can destroy something that took a long time to build. And once it's destroyed, it takes a long time to rebuild or replace it. Whether we are talking about people or things, it’s still true. A cross word can cause someone great pain and in a moment we can destroy them, or their self-worth. I wonder how many times, without even realizing it or without meaning to, I said something that tore someone down instead of lifting them up? I hope it’s not been too many times, but I bet it’s more than it should be. I think I’d rather build people up instead of tearing them down.

But if we are talking about getting to blow something up, yea – I’m up for that!


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