Guitar Chords

Just in case that last post encourages you to play your guitar more (sorry I don't know how to play the uke), here's a great link to just about every known guitar chord in the universe.


Thanks to the Worship Guitar Guy for this find.



Tostada said...

Hey Bill,

Thanks For stopping by The Wonderful Noise and sharing a little.
Great site you have here... I love the things that you're sharing. If you don't mind I'm gonna go ahead and add you onto my links. Thanks again for visiting.

- Vic

Gerry said...

Hey Bill,

Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement over at WGG. I've enjoyed checking out your site and reading your posts too...

BTW, I love your post about keeping the "main thing the main thing." I was just having a talk about that with a member of our team at church. We were talking about how easy it is to get sidetracked by stuff and forget about people. Around our ministry, we've been throwing around the statement "instead of using people to get stuff, we should be using stuff to get to people." Reading your post reminded me that the main thing of ministry is to use our programs, services, or whatever to touch the lives around us... :)