Building Deconstruction Update

Remember, they blew up the old building next to us two weeks ago. The demolition crew said they would have it cleaned up in two weeks. I was skeptical. I watched the clean up for the first week. The crew made excellent progress. Then I was out of the office last week making a cabinet with Dad for my wife's classroom. So I didn’t get to watch the progress the crew made.

When I came back to the office, the building is almost completely gone. There’s some foundation parts left and a huge pile of concrete. But by in large all the steel is gone and they are getting rid of the concrete. Maybe by the end of this week it will be all gone.

It’s been interesting to watch, but I sure am tired of that backing up beeper on the front end loader. I'm guessing that I will get to see construction on the new building beginning in a couple of weeks.

More stuff to ponder about...


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