How do they do it?

I suspect whatever environment you are raised in is 'normal' to you. Sure, there's extreme limits, but generally what you experienced as a child growing up is your definition of normal. I grew up in Christian family with parents that didn't get a divorce and so that seems normal to me. Your mileage may vary.

I understand that not everyone believes in God. But while I can comprehend the concept, I can't fully understand it, because I haven't experienced it. But the part that is really hard for me to understand is the lack of community that non-believers are missing. That's very difficult for me to understand.

A while back a friend was telling me of family he had met. I guess they were a pretty close-knit family with a lot of love in the family and they belonged to good church that was like extended family. It didn't take my friend long to see how special what they had was. He was also quick to realize that was something that he desired to have in his own life.

I know that people who don't belong to a church community aren't friendless. They have a circle of friends too. But it's difficult for me to comprehend life without a great bunch of people that you see nearly every week to help you along the journey. To have have community that supports you mentally, physically and spiritually is truly wonderful thing. It seems like such a disadvantage to not have that. How do they do it?

If your part of church that doesn't have a good community of support, I would seriously urge you to consider changing churches. It REALLY makes all the difference.

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Linda said...

You are so right, Bill. At our last church function, it was nice to see small children very comfortable with our teens and adults, even away from their parents. That comes from a lot of time spent together not only in a worship setting.
Linda F