Stupid Olympics

OK, the Olympics aren't really stupid. Me staying up too late every night watching sports I don't even care about, now that's stupid.

What is it about the Olympics that entices us to stay up and watch? The other night I was watching Women's Team Handball - and the US wasn't even playing. It was like Norway vs Ukraine or something like that. But wow, what a weird, ummm, I mean unique sport. It's like the inventor loved basketball, ice hockey and soccer and wanted a sport that featured all their favs. Strange stuff. Then there is rowing. I can tell by watching the people in this sport that they have trained hard and they are really putting out some effort. But man, what a boring sport to watch. They have individual rowing. Two man (or women) rowing. Four person teams and even eight person teams. But the eight person teams aren't twice as fast as the 4 person teams - how come? Seems like the 8 person teams are slacking. Then there is water polo. I mean really, who cares? Yea, it's a tough sport. It's hard to swim, control the ball and try to drown your opponent all at the same time. But still, who cares? Apparently I do, cause I watched the stupid game and I don't know why. I still don't know why the ref blows the whistle every 3.2 seconds during that game either. Nobody fouled out, so what gives?

At least the Olympics only happen once every four years. Maybe next time I'll have more self control. Or maybe not....

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