You want me to what?

A major intersection not to far from my house is undergoing construction. It appears they are widening the entire intersection. So they ripped out all the sidewalks and put up approximately 10,000 orange cones. Just in case someone might not notice that the sidewalks are missing, they added signs saying "SIDEWALK CLOSED USE OTHER SIDE." (yes the sign is in all uppercase. I guess they figured if they yell people will pay attention.) The only problem is the other side is in the same condition as this side. What's a pedestrian to do?

Surely the construction workers noticed the absurdity of putting up signs tell you to use the other side with the same sign on the other side. But they did it anyway. Is it a law that you have to have that sign up? Can you get a ticket for walking where the sidewalk is closed? Since there's a bus stop right there, people continue to make their way through the mess as best they can. I'm sure for some people with limited mobility, that's a significant challenge.

As I think about areas of my life where I have influence, like work or home or church, I wonder if I'm doing things that create more challenges; or am I doing things to help people? After all, if you believe Jesus came to show us a better way, shouldn't that include all parts of your life?

That's worth pondering about.

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