Remodel Your Bathroom in Three Steps!

This is how to remodel your bathroom in 3 steps.

1. Have a father who likes to remodel.
2. Find a reason to invite your father to your house for a few days.
3. Help your father.

I never said all the steps were easy.

Seriously, when my Dad was out for Alex's graduation, we did remodel the bathroom. Rather inexpensively too. So here's what we did, in case you are considering something similar.

The main bathroom in the house was fairly dated by the light fixtures and wall paper. Fortunately, the tub, tile, sinks and toilet were all in decent shape. So the plan was to rather easily freshen up the bathroom by changing the light fixtures and taking down the wall paper and giving the room a fresh coat of paint. The wall paper came off without too much trouble. There were only two layers, and I am getting rather skilled in removing paper as the previous owner was addicted to wall paper. The ceiling was painted gloss white and the walls are sandy brown. The harder part was the light fixtures. We had two long light bars over the big mirror. But there was only one electrical box in the center that they were both wired into. It took trips to several different stores before we were able to find lights that worked. Lowes was the store that came through with the good lights, matching towel racks, and a glass shelf.

Since the wall paper and fixtures were taken care of, we made a last minute decision to take down the aging gold shower doors and replace it with a shower curtain. This was a bit more difficult because the shower rod either needed to be extra long or L-shaped to go around our tub. Persistence and a little ingenuity solved our problem. We bought two curtain rods and were able to make them into one longer curtain rod.

A new carpet, new switch and plug covers and some new hardware on the vanity rounded out the make over. I'll get a plumber out to change the faucets to new ones. That will complete the removal of the gold from the room. You may ask why I didn't change the faucet, it's because I hate plumbing. Seriously, I probably could have done the faucets, but the drain plugs require a special tool I don't have. So I'll let the plumber fight with those.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas and hope for your own mini-remodels.

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