Apple Snobbery

No, I'm not talking about those over enthusiastic Apple fans with their iPhones, Macs and whatever else Steve Jobs can sell them. I'm talking about real apples. The kind you eat. Fruit.

It seems I've become an apple snob. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it did. I think the journey started on the day I realized the Red Delicious Apples are the mealiest, nastiest apples on the planet. Why anyone would call those horrible things "Red Delicious" is beyond me. But the discovery that Red Delicious Apples aren't, is probably Harsh Marketing Lesson #2 (Harsh Marketing Lesson #1 here). But I don't think I was an apple snob, yet. I just didn't like Red Delicious Apples.

I pretty much ate most apples that came my way for years. But recently I started eating apples a lot more regularly. In fact I eat one apple a day as part of my lunch. Since I've been eating more apples, I've notice that I only like one apple - Gala. All the other apples seem inferior to that apple. Last week my wife did the grocery shopping and for some reason she didn't bring home Gala apples, but some other brand. With the first bite I knew it wasn't a Gala apple. It wasn't a bad apple. Still light years better than those nasty Red Delicious Apples (have you figured out I REALLY don't like those Red Delicious Apples yet?). All week long I ate these other apples and I noticed two things. Not only were the apples not quite as good as Gala, but the little stickers they put on them were a pain too. I gave up try to get them off the apples. They simply were too sticky. It was easier just to cut them off. Plus the writing on them was so small I couldn't tell what kind of apples they were anyway. Stupid.

This week we have Gala apples again. I'm happy. I don't know when I became such an apple snob, but I did. I'm happy with my Gala apples.

What are some of your favorite varieties?


A-Bomb said...

Today, I tried both Pinata and Pink Lady apples for the first time!

The Pinata was this funky, mostly bright yellow, with some reddish tinge. It was decent, but not as sweet as I had hoped. Nice crunch, however!

The Pink Lady...oh, the Pink Lady. I Googled it and found out that it's getting an increased market share in England, and I completely understand why! The taste was heavenly-sweet, and the color is this beautiful pinky-red, with some shots of yellowish at the edges.

It was so good that it has somehow led me to your random long-ago blog post about your lunch. But, if you can get to someplace that sells the Pink Ladies, I highly recommend them!

That is all.

Bill A said...

I haven't heard of either of those types. I'll have to watch for them.